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FurnitureXtra | Sofa | Fabric Sofa | Dining Set | Vases | Beds | Memory Foam

Best Dealsdelivery

We work hard with our suppliers to come up with the discounted prices which can then be transferd to our customers in forms of deals. We dont do it for our customers we do all this so that we can make more profits by selling in larger quantities.

Buyers delivery Guide

We feel that it is our duty to help our customers find the best products which suits their needs. Whats a points of big leater suite which cannot even pass through your door. Yea only if you are planing to keep it in your garden.

Why Buy delivery From us

In this competitive market every business want to assure their customers that they could be the only choice because they offer every thing which others dont offer. We are trying to survive in the same enviornment. One thing the we can gurentee we will never try to misquide you to sell our product.

Delivery anddelivery Returns

There's no such thing as a free delivery. Instead of adding the cost of the delivery in the product price we kept them seperate. It help our customer compaire the real price of the product. If you are not happy any of our products you can use the return option available on our website.